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Dutch Dota League

Before we introduce the details of the Dutch Dota League (short: DDL), first let us do a quick flashback of what Dutch Dota has accomplished throughout the previous years. The Idea of Dutch Dota started back in September 2014. A few, Dota loving, friends were looking to find a way to get into touch with more people to play with. Thus Dutch Dota was born. On New Year’s Day, 2015 the very first version of Dutch Dota was accessible from the worldwide web. After some professional word of mouth marketing, and the help of websites like Reddit, we managed to create a decent player base and our TeamSpeak channel hastily needed an upgrade. Half a year later, Dutch Dota was already the largest Dota2 community within the Benelux.

Today, being online for over a year, we have launched a completely new website, with a different goal to focus on. We still want to be the largest community website for Dutch-speaking Dota players, but we also want to facilitate the need for competitiveness between one another. Playing together as a team of five players is cool. Playing together with ten people is better. But actually competing against one another in a friendly, yet competitive competition is just freakin’ awesome! This is why we launched the Dutch Dota League!

How does the Dutch Dota League work?


The Dutch Dota League will be a league system for an infinite amount of teams divided into several divisions. The Best teams will end up playing in Division 1, the next best ones in division 2 etc. We do not know how many divisions there will be after each season of the DDL, this all depends on the amount of teams willing to participate.

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of every season, the top teams of each division will be promoted to a higher division, while the worst performing teams might get relegated. Other teams, will have to play playoff matches to make clear in what division they will be playing in the next season. This way your team can fight to and grow to show the world you belong between the best teams in the DDL.

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